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School Policies

Student attendance is a priority at Edison.  Students only have 180 days in which to master the rigorous grade level standards each year.  Edison is very strict about daily, on-time attendance.  Regular attendance is an important life skill that students must learn, with the help from their parents, before they enter the work force.
Students must be at school every day unless they are ill.  Parents of students with chronic absences, more than 15 days, are brought in for an attendance conference with the Assistant Principal and or School Nurse.  Students who have more than 20 unexcused absences (absences without a Doctor’s note) are referred to the District for a Pre-Student Attendance Review Board meeting (pre-SARB) and jeopardize their permit to attend Edison Elementary.  Attendance in elementary school is compulsory.  Parents of students who fail to attend school regularly may face penalties from the District Attorney’s Office.
Students who have a cast, splint, or sling must be excluded from the playground and physical education activities for their safety.  These students are to come to the office for recess and lunch.  They may bring a quiet activity.  They are not released back to the playground until they have a doctor’s clearance, in writing, that is approved by the health clerk or school nurse.
The Edison staff is committed to helping your child attend school on time, every day.  If your child is having difficulties getting ready for school on time, please let the school office know.  We are available to work with your child so that they are awake and ready to learn every morning.  
Should your child be absent for any reason, an absence note must be sent to the school.  You may call in the absence excuse between the hours of 7:45am – 4:00 pm and our office staff will complete the absence note for you.  You may also write a note and send it with your child upon their return. These notes must contain the following information:
• Name of the student
• Date(s) the student was absent
• Reason the student was absent
• Signature of Parent or Guardian 
• Relationship of the Adult to the student (parent, grandparent, etc..)
These notes may be written in any language.  The date the student was absent must match the date indicated on the absence note.  These notes are collected and turned in to the State each year for an attendance audit.  Every absence must have a note on file.  Absences that do not have a note on file will be considered truancies.
Click here to download and print the school absence note in Spanish.
Independent Study
When a child must be taken out of school for unavoidable personal reasons, parents may ask for schoolwork for their child.  We have developed an Independent Study Program which is a voluntary program enabling students, who will be out of school for a period of a minimum of 5 days, to keep up with class work.  In order to participate in and Independent Study Program, the parent/guardian must give the school a minimum of two weeks advance notice.  Approval of a parent request for Independent Study is based on evidence that the student can work independently and an indication that the student will complete assigned work.  The school is required to maintain records for each student participating in this program including copies of all completed and evaluated student work.  The student, parent, teacher and principal must sign an agreement.  Resource Specialist Program (RSP) students may not participate in the Independent Study Program unless their Individualized Education Program (IEP) specifically provides for participation.
The above activities are merely suggestions and will not replace the regular assigned work.  Students do not receive credit for work that is missed during unexcused absences.
Uniform Policy
Edison has a MANDATORY school uniform consisting of navy blue, white and khaki (beige) separates. Edison spirit shirts may be purchased in the school office. All other items may be purchased at any department store. including all major discount chains. We expect all Edison students to wear the school uniform everyday. The Glendale Unified School District allow for all schools to have school uniform policy. If you need assistance acquiring clothing that meets our expectation , please call the office and ask to speak to the Administration.
Dress Code 
This dress code was established to encourage a positive atmosphere for learning at Edison School.  This dress code applies to all clothing worn by students, including school uniforms.
1. Pants/shorts must not be more than 2 inches larger than the student’s waist.  Pants/shorts are not to measure wider, when pulled, than 4 inches at the cuff/hem.  
2. Sweat pants/sweat shorts are not appropriate.  Stretch pants, bike shorts, sport and exercise clothing are not allowed.
3. Shorts/skirts should measure below the tips of the fingers when the child is standing with hands at sides.
4. Shirts/tops should have collars and must fit at the waist (even when arms are raised).  Tank tops, spaghetti straps, sport tanks and tube tops are NOT allowed.  Oversized sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets may not be worn to school.  
5. At NO time may clothing advertise or imply by logos, drawings, photographs, slogans or expressions of sexual reference, violence, drugs, alcohol or tobacco, but instead should advertise/ display positive heroes, positive sayings.
6. For safety reasons: socks and tennis shoes are recommended.  Open-toed/ backless or platform shoes or shoes with heels over 1 inch are not permitted.  
7. Make-up is not allowed at any time unless necessary for a school activity or performance with permission from the Office.
8. Jewelry and pierced earrings are allowed.  Studs are more appropriate as hoops and hanging earrings can create problems.  During PE or other physical activities your child may be asked to remove any jewelry, hair decorations, or other articles for safety reasons.
In addition, make-up, jewelry, clothing, or extreme hairstyles that are disruptive to the learning environment or might pose a safety hazard are not to be worn.
In addition,  make-up, jewelry, clothing, or extreme hairstyles that are disruptive to the learning environment or might pose a safety hazard are not to be worn.  Parents will be notified immediately when a student is found to be inappropriately dressed or in violation of the dress code.  Appropriate consequences will be determined by the school administration.  Consequences may be but are not limited to:
1. Parent will be called to bring student a change of clothing.
2. Student will be given a change/offered alternate apparel.  The loaned clothing must be washed and returned to the office within three days.  Parents will be charged for replacement of clothing not returned promptly.
3. Administrative detention and or suspension may follow for willful defiance or repeat offenders of this dress code.
All shoes worn on the playground must include ties or straps that are tied securely or buckled.  All shoes must cover the foot. Flip-flops and other heel-less sandals are not allowed at any time.
     A. Practice and apply the skills being taught in the classroom;
     B. Develop and maintain productive study habits;
     C. Extend classroom learning;
     D. Develop responsibility and self-direction and productive study habits;
     E. Review classroom work;
     F. Make-up incomplete assignments or work which has been missed;
     G. Prepare for classroom instruction.
Assignments that emphasize application and extension will be encouraged.  Students are expected to consistently complete the assigned homework and turn it in as directed.  They are also expected to ask for clarification of homework before they leave the school if needed, ask for assistance from their teacher if needed, and to take home all books, supplies, and materials necessary for the homework assignment.
Assignments may be given daily.  It is suggested that homework not take more than 10 minutes for Kindergarten students, 20-40 minutes to complete for students in grades 1-3 and 30-60 minutes for students in grades 4-6.  Students are to return homework and textbooks as directed by teacher.  Students may not use the office telephone to call home if homework has been forgotten.  If and when the time needed to complete homework regularly exceeds the guidelines above, please contact the classroom teacher.
Report Cards and Progress Reports
Report Cards are given three times per year. The report card is based on progress toward the grade level standards. Progress reports are sent home six (6) weeks before the end of the grading period to notify parents if their child is not meeting grade level standards and may receive an unsatisfactory grade unless improvement is shown.  Students can receive the following marks:
   • “4” thorough understanding and application of standards
   • “3” proficient understanding and application of standards
   • “2” partial understanding and application of standards
   • “1” minimal understanding and application of standards
   • “S” Satisfies expectations
   • “N” Needs Improvement
If your child has received a “1” or an “N” in any area, please arrange a parent conference with the teacher so that you may work together on that area of need.
Birthday and Classroom Parties
Each teacher may designate two class parties to have during the school year.  Typically these occur before Winter Break and on Valentine’s Day. These may be to celebrate a holiday, a whole-class birthday party, or an end-of-year party.
NO birthday parties are allowed during instructional time and we cannot have more than the two parties so as to not take away from the instructional program.  This includes all grades, K-6. Please do NOT bring any cakes, cupcakes or any treats to school. If you would like to donate a book for the classroom library in your child's name, that would be greatly appreciated.  Please contact the teacher if you have further questions.
Invitations to birthday or other outside school parties are not to be handed out at school unless all children in the class are invited.
Electronic Device Policy
All students will abide by both District and Edison's rules and regulations regarding any and ALL electronic devices.  Any improper use of devices that negatively affect the educational environment may result in disciplinary action and or confiscation of device and use of electronics while on campus.  Please refer to : Electronic Information Services User/Parent Responsibility Contract and the Student Acceptable Use Agreement.
Cell Phone Policy
While students are allowed to have cell phones on campus, they must be turned off during the school day and at no time should they be taken out of the child’s backpack.  This includes any afterschool programs (ASES, tutoring, etc…).  Students are NOT to use their cell phones at any time during the school day.  If a school staff member sees a cell phone on campus they will take it from the student and send it to the school office.  The parent will be called so that the school policy can be explained.  
1st offense:  parent notified, student warned; phone returned at end of day. 
2nd offense: parent notified and must come to office to pick up phone.
3rd offense:  parent notified; phone will be kept the remainder of the trimester.
The school is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen phones.
Classroom Visits
In fairness to the students and their educational program, classroom interruptions are kept to a minimum.  We ask that you plan ahead and assist students with the responsibility of bringing their own lunches to school.  Lunches or lunch money brought in late by parents may be left in the office for students to pick up.  Homework, library books, projects, musical instruments etc., brought in by parents will be put in the teacher’s box to be picked up at recess or lunch time.  NO EXCEPTIONS. Credit for late work is left to the teacher’s discretion. 
Rainy Day/Scorcher Day Procedure
Rainy Days:
  • On rainy days, students in grades 1-6 may wait inside the gymnasium until 8:00 AM (9:00 AM on Fridays). If it is raining very hard the teachers will pick them up from the gymnasium. Kindergarten students should be dropped off in the school office. They will be taken over to the classrooms and supervised until school begins. Recess will be held inside the classrooms. Lunch will either be held in the gymnasium or the students' classrooms.
  • Students are dismissed from the Kenilworth gate on rainy days but are kept under the shelters in the picnic area. Parents are asked to stay back from this area on rainy days so that we can supervise all students in this area.
Scorcher Days: When the temperature on the playground gets above 90 degrees, the following procedures will be enforced.
  • No playground balls or equipment is to be used on the playground.
  • No running.